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PreScouter is an innovation intelligence and consulting firm based in Chicago with a network of over 3,000 industry experts, analysts, PhDs, CROs, and over 500 clients including GE Healthcare, Coca-Cola, BAE Systems, Whirlpool and Volvo.

How does Labby Light work?

1. You give it directly to your employees and customers

2. The user is alerted with a LED light* when the "social distance" from other Labbys is not respected.

* Vibration version also available.

3. The Labby internally stores the ID, day, time and duration of contact with the other Labbys whose it entered in proximity.

If the user tests positive for Covid-19, only you, as the data controller, will be able to cooperate with the competent health authorities in identifying 'close contacts' so that prophylactic measures can be implemented in good time.

For this reason Labby Light is ideal for bathing establishments, restaurants, hotels, sports centres, clinics, offices and schools and any other activity that involves the aggregation of employees and customers.

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Labby Light does not use Bluetooth.

Bluetooth based solutions can have an error of about 1 meter, suffer from data decay in crowded areas and interference with other devices.

Labby Light uses an ad hoc proprietary protocol.

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    The advantages of Labby Light

    Chi siamo

    We are an innovative startup that, using proprietary technology, creates innovative solutions to simplify the life of sportsmen with a range of products suitable for any type of training. We combine innovation, practicality and quality merged into the offer of products for the B2B and B2C market much far from prohibitive costs.

    Our Mission.

    Attention to wellness and health is increasing and sport is the first driver for this constantly growing market. The time to devote to sport must never be missing. Passion is measured by commitment: we want to become the technological reference point for all athletes by helping and supporting them with our technology and ability to innovate.

    Dicono di noi.

    I nostri partners tecnologici.

    Our Product.

    Our patented hardware and software technology allows us to design, manufacture and industrialize different devices for as many applications in the sports field.

    Fully automated, fully automated shredding and sterilisation plant for high risk infectious medical waste.

    KEPPY Pià&Già are functional bracelets to track and display match times and scores. Users can connect multiple devices with each other and also connect them to e-paper displays available in different formats to show data in real time.

    Barry is a bar located inside vending machines and allows the owner to update the prices of the items directly and quickly with a simple smartphone app.

    LABBYgym is a software (app + web) to create, execute and monitor training plans in an easy and effective way for athletes, trainers and gym managers allowing the coach to customize and follow the user's workouts. It interfaces with LABBYcheck.

    KEPPY is a long-lasting battery-powered device designed to track and display game times and scores. Users can connect multiple devices with each other and the data can also be shown in real time on one or more special displays, available in various formats. Ideal for all indoor and outdoor sports contexts.

    Mina is an anti-theft and anti-intrusion alarm device for monitoring the presence of an object / person present in a specific point. It therefore warns the user when a removal of an object or an anomaly is generated (for example, the bike or the bag that moves away). Unlike current systems, it does not require any permanent installation.

    LABBYswim is a device that allows the user to count tanks automatically and guides him during training in the water. It is also able to detect its heart rate even during the dive thanks to a MetaWellness patent structure applied under the bracelet. The user can also request assistance from the instructor via the appropriate button. Associated with the relevant app, it allows download, upload and control of the training trend.

    HTS is a solution for all training into the water (for example hydrobike): it allows to monitor heart rate, intensity, calories, km by customizing and programming the training and results to be achieved by each individual user. The coach has all his students under control and can manage their training sessions by personalizing them at any time.

    Tappety is an intelligent fitness mat that helps athletes during training by sending, receiving, monitoring and storing exercise data on smartphones or other available devices: it counts the number of repetitions performed, the series, etc. of various types of exercises such as push-ups, abs, stretching, etc.

    Labby Denty is a tool for monitoring the treatment of patients by their doctors. It can be used together with the bracelet to detect user parameters and warns the user in case he has to take the necessary medicines.

    Charggy is a solution for electric car charging stations that allows the user to interface via smartphone app, calculate the amount of recharge needed and make the payment.

    EiFu is the electronic putty to be put on the signature counter. It allows the funeral home to enter the deceased's data via smartphone and then automatically create the family tree of relatives viewable through the EiFuneri app.
    Labby check
    LABBYcheck is a device that counts vocal repetitions and a guide to the exercises to be performed and interfaces directly with LABBYGym.

    EasyPrice is the electronic label solution that allows the user to update the prices of their products displayed in vendor machines via smartphone by eliminating all the physical infrastructure for updating prices.

    TecHEAD makes helmets "smart" and "connected" by introducing new functions and increasing safety. It is a solution for civil, military, sports and work environments by monitoring and verifying the integrity of the helmet, automatically signaling helpers in case of severe shocks events. It has a visual display of information such as speed, limits, navigation indications, etc.